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What are Bed Races?

The sport of Bed Racing has been embraced by communities all over the country. Now, it's coming to Phoenixville!

The first annual Phoenixville Bed Races will take place on November 3rd, 2018 as part of Phoenixville's second annual Harvest Fest.

Grab your friends, family, or colleagues to create a team, or come just to witness the excitement as 30+ teams put on their racing caps! This super fun, family-friendly event will raise funds and awareness for all the great work accomplished by three Phoenixville organizations that provide shelter for the homeless. Whether you’re racing or spectating, join us on November 3rd to support those who work tirelessly to make sure that no one is without a bed to sleep in.

What to Expect
Teams of five — four pushers and one rider — will build and decorate race-worthy beds, wear costumes to match their theme, and race against other teams in one-on-one heats as spectators cheer them to a rousing, high-energy win, or loss...

Think Soap Box Derby... but with beds instead of cars! 
Event Schedule
Event day kicks off at 9:00 AM when you can view beds on display prior to racing. Racing begins at 10:00 AM and will run until about 12:00 PM, concluding with the awards presentation.
Event parking will be available in several nearby lots, on-street, or at any of the municipal lots throughout town.

How It Works

Bed Races have come to Phoenixville! This exciting new event seeks to engage the community in a fun and adventurous way. This event is a collaboration between three organizations which work tirelessly to make sure that no one goes without a bed to sleep in at night.

We have three goals.

  1. To have fun.
  2. To raise awareness about organizations who work to help our neighbors in need.
  3. To raise funds for these organizations so that they can continue to do this important work.

By registering a bed in one of the two categories, not only will you have a chance to show off your creativity and craftsmanship, but by sharing this event with your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues you will have a chance to provide direct support to programs that aid homeless or at risk neighbors in our community.

Meet the Teams

Learn more about the race teams taking part on November 3rd and help them support the event by donating to their team.
Click on each team photo to access their fundraising page!

Team Code Blue

Team Code Blue

Team Tatas

Team Tatas

Pigs in a Blanket

Pigs in a Blanket

Team PHX Phantoms


Team Belgian Blockheads

Belgian Blockheads

Team BenLath Family

Team Jailbreak

Team GSS: Float Our Boat

Team Float Our Boat

The Dream Team

Dream Team

Team Memories

Team Memories



Team Sandlot

Team Sandlot

Team Bed Sweaters

Team Bed Sweaters


PWO: House of Hope

Renaissance/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Team Renaissance Academy

Jurassic Crib Rockets

Jurassic Crib Rockets

America's Got Talent & Time

America's Got Talent & Time

Team Magical Horse Tour

Team Magical Horse Tour

Race Day Schedule

Event day kicks off at 9:00 AM at Reeves Park where the beds will be displayed prior to racing so that spectators can vote for their favorite bed theme and team costumes. Racing begins at 10:00 AM and will run until about 12:30 PM, concluding with the awards presentation. Team Drop Off & Registration will be on 2nd Avenue (at B Street Intersection) in the Park, and the race itself will be held on 3rd Avenue between B Street and Main Street.
8:00 AM
REEVES PARK - Intersection of B Street & 2nd Avenue

Race Team Check-In

Bed drop off and team check-in begins promptly at 8:00 AM.
All beds must be dropped off at the intersection of 2nd Avenue and B Street on the North Side of Reeves Park. 
Drop off vehicles should pull up along the Reeves Park side of 2nd Avenue to unload/load beds and racers.

Beds and race teams will be assigned a numbered spot along the access road through Reeves Park to display their beds for public vote.

9:00 AM
REEVES PARK - Access Road Behind Band Stand

Bed & Team Theme Voting

Beds will be lined up along the paved access road through the middle of Reeves Park and displayed for public vote.
Event attendees will vote for best overall bed theme and corresponding team costume.
Ballots can be picked up and dropped off in the gazebo.

9:45 AM
REEVES PARK - Access Road Behind Band Stand

Beds Prep for Heats

Teams will prep for racing.

11:00 AM

Voting Closes

All ballots must be in to be counted for the "Best Bed Theme & Team Costume" winner to be decided. 

10:00 AM
REEVES PARK - 3rd Avenue between B Street & Main Street

Preliminary Heats

Full schedule will be announced 1 week prior to the event.

11:00 AM
REEVES PARK - 3rd Avenue between B Street & Main Street


Winners of Preliminary Heats go on to race for positions in the finals.

12:00 PM
REEVES PARK - 3rd Avenue between B Street & Main Street

Final Race

Final two beds will face off in the final race for the WIN!

12:30 PM
REEVES PARK - Event Stage

Awards Presentation

Awards for the following categories will be announced:

• Fastest Bed
• Best Overall Theme & Team Costumes
• Most Donations Raised by a Team

Race Course Information

course map

Ready... Set... Race!
Bed Teams will race down 3rd Avenue from the Starting Line at the intersection of B Street & 3rd Avenue, down to the interstection of 3rd & Main.
But wait - that's not it!
Beds will then have to turn around and race back up 3rd Avenue back to the Finish Line!
Racers - Keep this turn in the back of your heads when designing those beds!

Beds will be raced on the roadway (pavement) and need to follow our Bed Building Guidelines.

Bed Team Drop Off & Registration
All Bed Teams must be dropped off on 2nd Avenue (Reeves Park Side).
Teams will check in at the registration tent and then be assigned a line up position of the paved access road through Reeves Park behind the bandstand. 

Public Vote
Spectators will vote in a public ballot for Best Overall Bed Theme & Team Costumes.
Voting takes place along the access road through Reeves Park and ballots are dropped off at the Gazebo near the starting line. 



The 2018 Phoenixville Bed Races benefit three non-profits serving the homeless and at risk individuals in our community. By partnering, we hope to support each of these organizations that strive to provide housing, support services, and much needed aid to our neighbors in need.

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