Rules & Bed Building Guidelines

Please carefully review the rules and guidelines for the Phoenixville Area Bed Races.
Any bed or team that does not comply with the below rules or guidelines will be disqualified.

Help us make this event a fun and safe experience for everyone!

PDF Version of Rules & Bed Building Guidelines
Need some bed building help? Download our Bed Building 101 guide!

  • A full team is required (four pushers/runners and one rider) in order to race.
  • The rider must stay on the bed and must wear a helmet during the race.
  • Beds may not be pulled, only pushed from the sides and/or back.
  • Pushers/runners are responsible for stopping their beds and maintaining an overall safe operation of propelling the bed along the course.
  • Pushers/runners must wear footwear suitable for running.
  • All members of the race team must cross the finish line together to qualify. The rider is the only one to be on the bed.
Bed Building Guidelines
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